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Charcoal grills add flavor to your food but also keep your meat moist and delicious.  Add wood chunks or chips and get great smoked flavor.  See below for our charcoal grill line up:

Kamado Joe grills sets the standard in ceramic grill technology.  The concept of ceramic coated clay is that the grills hold in the heat.  You can control your temperatures from 225 - 750 degrees.  You can slow smoke a brisket, cook a whole chicken, and grill steaks and hamburgers and even do a high temperature coal fired pizza.

Kamado Joe uses only all natural hardwood

charcoal.  Temperature is controlled by

restricting the air flow to get lower temperatures

and opening up the air flow for higher

temperature.  See the video to the right

to see a quick overview of what comes with

your Kamado Joe.  At Texas Star Grill Shop

we offer Free delivery and Assembly on these very heavy grills.

Primo Grills offer the ceramic grill experience with an oval shape.

Primo Grills is the only ceramic grill made in the USA.  The Big

Green Egg is made in Mexico and the Kamado Joe is made in

China.  Primo Grills feature the patented oval shape giving a

unique 2 zone cooking system.  You can smoke, bake, roast, grill, and even cook some amazing pizzas.

Weber Summit Charcoal Grill is Weber's latest innovation.  Smoke for

12 hours on one batch of charcoal, auto gas start, grill steaks , or even bake.  This grill can do it all!

Smoke a brisket "Texas Style"

What sets Pitt’s & Spitt’s BBQ grills apart from the competition is the quality of their materials. They cut no corners at Pitt’s & Spitt’s. They do not use barrels, tanks or recycled oil field pipe at Pitt’s & Spitt’s. All of their units are rolled from heavy gauge, “virgin” steel plate, and high grade 304 stainless steel. If you look closely, you will find that their superior materials extend all the way to the high quality accessories.

Pitts and Spitts NEW Hybrid gas and charcoal grill

Learn more about

Pitts & Spitts Grills

2 zone cooking system

Grilling and Roasting

Smoking, Baking, and Roasting

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