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Saber Grills Infrared

SABER grills combine Performance, Innovation, and Affordability. Saber has incorporated features that allow you to relax and enjoy serving delicious food to your family and guests.


All Saber grills cook with 100% Infrared heat locking the natural juices and moisture into your food. Patented cooking system vents convective air, which dries your food out, away from the cooking surface. Flare-ups are eliminated and foods cook more quickly and efficiently.


SABERĀ® grills heat from 0 to 700F in 10 minutes or less and our patented Infrared Cooking System allows for a wide range of temperatures. Saber also uses 30% less fuel to power making it cheaper for you and better for the environment.


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Saber Grills

Weber is the leading grill company in the USA.  Weber still has several production facilities in the USA where they maintain a quality second to none.  Weber  melts porcelain on to steal at a temperature of 1600 degrees to create a scatch proof and rust proof material.   Weber is famous for great warranty service if needed.  The video to the right is an example of the testimony Weber customers have for the brand.

Texas Star Grill Shop is an alliance dealer for Weber grills carrying a large assortment of grills and accessories.

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Weber Grills

We just placed our 1st order for Napoleon grills.   Napoleon grills are made in North America.  We have ordered the Prestige Pro and the new Rogue series grills.  We like the features like side sear burner, fold down shelves, and charcoal trays making turning this into a versatile cooking machine.  We should get our 1st order soon so be looking out for these great grills.  As usual expect Texas Star Grill Shop to offer the best pricing and free delivery and assembly.

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