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If you are considering the Big Green Egg...Please take a look and compare what you can get with the Kamado Joe.

Big Green Egg Large

Kamado Joe Classic

Weight = 162 Lbs

Weight = 188 Lbs

Kamado Joe Classic is 26 Lbs heavier.  Thicker walls and thicker construction makes the difference.

All accessories sold separately

All key accessories come with the grill including cart, side shelves, heat deflectors, ash tray, ash tool, and grill gripper tool.

Kamado Joe Classic comes with everything you need.  Big Green Egg makes you keep spending for more eggcessories.

You can purchase a convEggtor for smoking and other indirect cooking.

Kamado Joe comes with conquer and divide system which allows you to have indirect on one side and direct on the other side adding to versatility.

2 Half Heat Deflectors with Conquer and Divide Rack

With the Big Green Egg you are either cooking direct or indirect.

Kamado Joe Classic offers more versatility with the Conquer and Divide system.

Cook fish indirectly and steaks on the direct side at the same time.

Big Green Egg sells ash tool to pull ashes from grill.

Kamado Joe offers a patented ash tray removal system allowing to start cooking or smoking more quickly.

Kamado Joe Classic has a better ash removal system.   

Come see the difference for yourself!   We offer Free Delivery in the Houston Area.

Save money and get more with Kamado Joe.

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